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About Us


Chef Reynaldo Aban is opening Reynaldo’s to customers on June 2015, driven by his strong passion for Eastern and Western culinary specialties and his interest to have creative reins in his own restaurant, having had an extensive experience in the kitchen spanning 20 years as a chef and gastronomic enthusiast.


Reynaldo’s offerings feature an eclectic fusion of Eastern and Western cuisine where every dish is prepared with special care and cooked with the finest local produce and top shelf ingredients. As a member of the Victorian food community, we at Reynaldo’s believe in supporting growers whose outstanding quality reflects their sustainable commitment to the land.


Our operations are centered on a cooperative approach, as we at Reynaldo’s believe that every single member of our staff is integral to our success.

We invite you to experience superior dining experience with our excellent service and great attention to detail. Let our dishes satisfy your discriminating palate and exquisite taste.



Chef Reynaldo Aban


Chef Reynaldo Aban was born in Palawan, Philippines but spent his formative years in Manila, where he started working in local kitchens in high school and through college to support his studies.


Over more than 3 decades, Reynaldo has developed his culinary skills in kitchens overseas and in Australia, having worked in and managed teams of staff. He has been privileged to work as chef in some of the top hotel chains in the world, including Grand Hyatt on Collins, Crown Casino, Sheraton Southgate Towers (now Langham Hotel), and Dusit Hotel and Manila Peninsula Hotel in the Philippines.


Chef Reynaldo is excited to tap on his extensive culinary expertise to concoct mouth-watering dishes specially prepared for Reynaldo’s restaurant.